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"Miss Universe 2013": crown for Venezuela

2013 year

25 -year-old beauty from Venezuela Gabriela Isler won the title " Miss Universe 2013 " . A spokeswoman for Russia Elmira Abdrazakova not reached the final of the international competition , which was held in Moscow , " Crocus City Hall " from 5 to 9 November .
The fact that the "Miss Russia 2013 " Elmira Abdrazakova will be held in finale of " Miss Universe " is among 16 girls whose names jury announced at the finals , did not doubt virtually none . And then look at anything. During 62 years of the existence of competition, this ones was held in Moscow for the first time - political correctness obliges thought our citizens , mindful of the backstage of such events , but have not guessed.
Names of 16 beauties , who continued to fight for the crown of "Miss Universe" , leading the competition - former lead singer of British band Spice Girls Melanie Brown and host NBC`s Thomas Roberts - announced at the beginning of the final show under the incessant roar of the audience. In the " Crocus City Hall " cheerful fans gathered from around the world with flags and portraits of beautiful women in their countries. The only country whose flag was not seen in the hall - Russia , to the great sorrow. Our compatriots , as always, have been kept . And for good reason.
Elmira Abdrazakova in the final show was not involved in disappointment figures of domestic show business : producers Joseph Prigogin , Victor Drobysh , Yana Rudkovskaya , singers Valerie, Yulia Kovalchuk , choreographer Alla Brass , ballerina Anastasia Volochkova stylist Sergei Zverev , showman Alexander Revva and ordinary citizens. But the pleasant surprise was previously advertised appearance of singer Philip Kirkorov in the international jury . The jury was headed by lead singer of rock band Aerosmith Steven Tyler.
16 finalists from Costa Rica , Ukraine, China, Ecuador , the United Kingdom , Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico , Spain , United States , Nicaragua , India, Switzerland, Indonesia , Brazil and the Republic of the Philippines in the first stage showed their beauty in swimsuits . Due to the lack of translation in between outputs beauties (live was in 176 countries around the world ) a summary of the comments of leading American retelling our native presenter Anton Komolov.
After the bikini show of competition dropped representatives of Costa Rica , China, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Indonesia.
Catwalk in evening dresses contenders for the crown held under the music of one of the organizers of the competition, a businessman and singer Emin Agalarov. Vocals and music drowned out the cries from the audience, did not cease throughout the finals. Our viewers accustomed to total silence at concerts and theater, is a novelty : to pay their "blood money " and only hear the roar - this is nonsense.
Defile identified five finalists : Beauties from Spain, Brazil , Ecuador, the Republic of the Philippines and Venezuela. The girls had to answer "tricky" questions to the jury.
"What will happen to the world if the Internet will over? " - Puzzled "Miss Ecuador " Philip Kirkorov. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine such a thing, so that the abstract and the answer was:" If it happens, but it is unlikely ... ".
Rock legend Steve Tyler asked " Miss Venezuela 2012 " about her fears and how she fights with them. Apparently, it all and decided to answer, not a bikini." The struggle with fears helps us going forward," - said Gabriela Isler, not knowing that in just a few minutes, she will die of happiness and fear at the same time.
Before the jury announced the name of the winner, Steve Tyler sang standing on a white grand piano to the accompaniment of the group Panic! At the Disco and fireworks. All it`s forgotten about beauties at once, but leading the audience back to earth.
"Venezuela!" -They declared, and "Miss Universe 2012" Olivia Culp gave the crown worth over 120 thousand dollars Gabriele Isler.
All new enthusiasm "Miss Universe" expressed behind the scenes -on a short press conference in the lobby of the concert hall. Microphone does not work, translators - too, but Gabriela emotions were all clear and without words.
"I am very happy, I could not believe that my name was called. Awareness does not come immediately . This is a very exciting time ," - whispered into the microphone Venezuelan beauty. "Miss Universe", accompanied by Donald Trump has not yet reach the afterparty in the cabin AutoLehmann in "Crocus City Hall", as the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro congratulated her on her victory in Twitter. "Congratulations Mary Gabriele Isler.Her victory, is a victory for Venezuela! May God always bless her," -wrote the president.
At a party to mark the completion of the contest Russian bomonde became more. In the vip- zone, where "it is impossible for the pins," in addition to the above rested singer Stas Mikhailov, Dmitry Malikov, businessman Roustam, producer Yevgeny Boldin, Vladimir Vinokur -Impersonator. Swat all Russian models Listerman Peter chose to remain " behind the flags" for freedom of movement. Olivia Culp , getting rid of the crown, dressed in a white trouser suit and finally relaxed in the arms of her fiance - American singer Nick Jonas. " Miss Universe 2013 " relaxation have to wait another year. In addition to the crown and gifts amounting to a quarter of a million dollars waiting for her contract with the Miss Universe Organization, according to which Gabriela obliged to represent the interests of the competition worldwide.After midnight the main fun moved beyond the restricted area - on the floor , so that the honored guests a no-no ,and had to go "to the people" - to dance to the hits of all time.