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The most expensive cars of the planet

2014 year

    This year manufacturers of supercars presented whole scattering of new products, many of which are immediately hit the top ten most expensive cars of the world.
    Which company produces the most expensive cars in the world ? In nine cases out of ten the answer will be wrong. Not Bugatti, Rolls-Royce did not and does not Bentley, a Lamborghini! After just three supercar company from Sant`Agata Bolognese got in the world `s top 10 most expensive cars of the year.
    In the spring of this year at the Geneva Motor Show Lamborghini supercar presented Veneno, which affects not only their outer appearance, but also the price - $ 4.05 million The most amazing thing is that all three have been scheduled for production instance Lamborghini Veneno were sold before the presentation of the machine in Geneva that spodviglo Italians develop an open version of the car , which was hung on the absolutely inadequate price tag of $ 4.47 million, thus roadster Lamborghini Veneno was the most expensive production car in the world. Rather, small-scale , since it will be released only nine cars. And if the price Lamborghini Veneno surprises you , then its dynamic characteristics can hardly be called outstanding , especially compared to other supercars - the engine has "only" 750 hp, to the conquest of the first hundred out with 2.8 ( 2.9 in the Roadster c) , the maximum speed - 355 km / h In the world there are machines and thus faster and much cheaper .
    This may seem strange , but the third representative is located in Europe or America , and the Middle East - Lebanese supercar Lykan HyperSport Beirut firm W Motors. Arabian horse was created in cooperation with the German company RUF, which finalized for W Motors oppozitnik six-cylinder Porsche, squeeze out 750 hp and 1000 N ∙ m torque. Lykan HyperSport accelerates to 385 km / h and overcomes the first hundred in 2.8 seconds. But the price tag of $ 3.4 million is due not so much high performance as using trim gold and diamonds. In addition to this each owner as a bonus rely Cyrus Klepcys watches worth $ 200,000 . Lebanese planned to release a total of seven supercars , but have already collected more than a hundred applications that , for sure, make W Motors revise release
    Only in fourth place is hypercar " of all time " former undisputed champion in almost all disciplines , including price , Bugatti Veyron. Rather, its open , 1200 - strong modification Grand Sport Vitesse. According to the developers , this car is the fastest production roadster in the world ( the maximum speed of 408 km / h) before the advent of open modification Lamborghini Veneno was also the most expensive - the price is nearly $ 3 million and are the " basic " modification in while custom-made version of the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, usually wearing a proper name , are much more expensive .
    The top five is the third most expensive cars supercar Lamborghini - karbonovoe piece of engineering - Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Edition 20 copies, full carbon body with carbon subframes and suspension elements , the 5.2- liter "ten" 570 hp , acceleration to first hundred in 2.5 seconds , top speed 342 km / h and the price is $ 2.56 million
    The top ten most expensive cars of the planet hit the Danish Zenvo ST1 hypercar with a price tag of $ 1.8 million And before Danes wanted to sell its supercar unthinkable for $ 3 million, but quickly realized that with the price they have obviously got excited . Although the machine they turned quite extreme - seven-liter "eight » General Motors added a turbocharger and supercharger drive , received the "output" 1104 hp and 1430 N ∙ m torque. Not surprisingly, the first hundred Zenvo ST1 is exchanged for 2.9 seconds , and the maximum speed is limited to 375 km / h Danes initially expected to produce 15 pieces Zenvo ST1, but , apparently , buyers are in no hurry to line up behind him in the queue.
    Big problems with the sale of its supercar Weber Faster One experiences and Swiss firm Weber Sportcars. And all because the machine has two major drawbacks - a price of $ 1.62 million and the exterior that might cause either laughter or tears , depending on the mood . When Weber Faster One was still only a prototype , already hard at him amused global automotive community, and the car was immediately recognized as one of the most ridiculous in the world. Swiss listened to criticism and this has seriously improved the design, but the sports car still continues to look like a home-made garage . Meanwhile, under the unsightly body hides a very serious "stuffing" : all-wheel drive , ten- 5.6 - liter twin-turbo engine 1200 hp ( 1250 N ∙ m) which is mounted six-speed sequential semi-automatic gearshift . First hundred Weber Faster One wins for 2.5 s and accelerates to 400 km / h
    In eighth position located only hybrid supercar in the world ranking , the newest Ferrari La Ferrari cost $ 1.6 million hybrid propulsion system consisting of twelve- 6.3 - liter engine and an electric motor with a total capacity 963 hp (969 N ∙ m), allows steed from Maranello to overcome the first hundred in 2.8 seconds and accelerate to 350 km / h Ferrari Enzo successor circulation of 499 pieces, but to wait for the ordered car will have more than two years to stand in the queue.
    At $ 1.6 million rated their next creation - supercar Koenigsegg Agera R - and "Swedish Enzo Ferrari " Christian von Kenigzegg . The machine is a further development of Agera and differs from it more powerful ( 1140 l.s./1000 N ∙ m) motor. To the first hundred Koenigsegg Agera R accelerates in 2.8 sec and a top speed of 440 km / h, which is more than the world record set by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. However, officially maksimalku Koenigsegg Agera R nobody checked , so it is left to the conscience of this statement Kenigzegga background .
    And closes the top ten most expensive cars in the world with German Italian hypercar heart - Pagani Huayra. Like its predecessor - Pagani Zonda - new car has received motor Mercedes AMG (6.0 liter , V12) with twin turbochargers , power 739 hp ( 1000 N ∙ m) and by the relatively small mass of 1350 kg has an outstanding performance - top speed is 375 km / h, and the conquest of the first hundred requires 3.2 seconds . The machine is equipped with active aerodynamic elements made by type of aircraft flaps and its handling, according to the developer Horacio Pagani , close to the racing sport prototypes . Circulation machine is small, but Pagani originally planned to release no more than twenty supercars per year at $ 1.34 million apiece.